martes, 28 de abril de 2009

Traducción al inglés de "Gripe Porcina. La operación Espartaco", por Joanna

"The mass production of pigs is the cause of the swine flu virus. There are 25 million pigs in Spain. We're up to a bit more than half a pig per Spaniard. There are 60 billion pigs in the world. Politically, the pig-world has no structure, but biologically the pig-world has begun to emit signs of defense: the virus. The same is happening with chickens.The swine flu virus means that pigs are reacting to their unlimited industrial production. Biologically they have the right to do so, which is why they are doing it. Without a doubt, we are faced with a process: poultry, swine, cattle. The phenomenon of Mad Cow disease follows the same logic. I think the next species will be fish in the fish farms: trout, doradas, lubina, etc, because at some moment there has to be a proportional equivalence between the terrestrial and the aquatic worlds.It seems as if the animal world is beginning to send out a tenuous set of messages. They're broadcasting. They're saying something. Let's listen to it. Pigs have finally begun to speak. It was about time they tried to send a message.the creation of the virus is a kind of logos (word).Nobody can bear to lose their identity, not even pigs. The swine flu virus is born because of the loss of identity at the industrial scale. Pigs from the old days didn't produce the virus because they had an identity. Today's pigs have begun OPERATION SPARTACUS."
El blog de Joanna:
Gracias, Joanna, por la traducción.
Está en marcha una traducción al japonés, me dice Marta (Entrenomadas).

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